Dylan Fowler

I have been a professional musician now for close on 30 years and in that time I have been active in many areas of music as a performer/ composer and arranger. My musical palette draws on my experiences in contemporary European jazz, traditional music from the Celtic diaspora – particularly my Welsh heritage and my extensive experience as a collaborator with musicians from countries such as India, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Finland, Norway, Canada, Germany and Italy.

As well as various group activities I have developed a reputation as an international guitar soloist and have three cds released on the prestigious German label, Acoustic Music Records which have received excellent reviews."This is music with heart, soul and, above all a bullish determination to ignore recognised boundaries. " Chris Jones – BBC online reviews.

Dylan Fowler – Mosbach, Germany http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9FK_3yQ20Y

'The single most wonderful thing about the music of Dylan Fowler is how quickly the listener becomes unconscious of the fact that one is listening to a guitar! The profound musicality of Dylan`s writing and playing makes for an experience that transcends the bounds of what is often accepted as `guitar music.` Dylan creates fine, memorable, emotionally engaging music which goes light years beyond the obvious fact that he is a very talented player of his chosen instrument.' Don Ross. Canadian guitar maestro.

I specialise in the traditional Celtic music of Wales and the areas where it meets music of other European and Scandinavian traditions. I am an acknowledged specialist on the solo acoustic guitar and alongside my solo concerts I have conducted workshops and masterclasses in many different countries. I have performed in the UK with artists such as Knut Reiersrud and Asni Valland Nordli from Norway.

My third solo cd ‘A Passionate Landscape’ will be released on Acoustic Music Records in April of this year.

The new cd is a collection of solo and ensemble pieces inspired by the landscape of my native Wales and features some of the wonderful musicians I’ve had the privilege of working with over the years.

The various pieces on the album reflect influences from the land of my family and my upbringing (Wales) and the land of my birth (Libya).

Currently I am involved in a number of touring projects which include The Company of Story Tellers, The Nathan Thomson UK/Finnish project, Taith (with Gillian Stevens and Timo Vaananen), Alaw with Oliver Wilson-Dickson and Jamie Smith, and ongoing solo work in Europe.

Alongside this I have developed skills as a producer/engineer and arranger at the Studio that Gillian Stevens and I have developed in Abergavenny, Stiwdio Felin Fach. I have also successfully established the specialist record label, Taith Records, that is rapidly developing a reputation for high quality recordings.



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Dylan Fowler

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