Houdini Dax

"Blurring the lines between art and populist, ‘The Dax’ have honed their own signature blend of rock n’ roll; three-buttoned punk-funk, rich in rawk and unapologetic in harmony" - This Is Now Agency.

Artist Manager Grant Tilbury reflects on a 2014 trip to India and how it benefited The Dax:

"Houdini Dax received an invitation from OML (Only Much Louder) in Mumbai to perform at India’s premiere "Indie" music festival, the NH7 Weekender. NH7 Weekender events take place over the months of November and December across several Indian cities, 2014 saw festivals in Kolkata, Pune, Bangaluru and New Delhi. This was Houdini Dax’s first opportunity to showcase their music internationally.

As a management company, Listen To This had a limited time to pull together a strategy and arrange logistics from the date of invitation to the event. The staff at Cerdd Cymru / Wales Arts International and the PRSF were extremely helpful in giving advice and guidance helping out from VISA applications, funding advice and with support on the ground whilst in India. Without their support the tour would not have happened.

The major benefits of touring Houdini Dax in India was that it opened up a brand new market for the band (a market thats burgeoning with a healthy appetite for contemporary popular music from the West); it created a real buzz back home adding to the band’s story which opened up several doors in the UK including the band being taken on by their live agent the 'This Is Now Agency; and it also opened up the band musically touring India has had a real impact on the band creatively.


When touring internationally, like at home, it is essential to have a strategy. Little was known about the Indian music market and it’s hard to find artists who have toured there for advice.

One thing to make certain of is to do your research and to have an idea of the kind of objectives you wish to achieve and have an open mind.

Things will happen that you will not anticipate. With Houdini Dax we took a two pronged strategy one dealing with gaining fans in India so we had a foothold in the market in which to build and secondly was to engage with the Indian music industry by setting up partnerships in which to promote the band after the tour was complete. We were given the advice of a contact that Wales Arts International had put us in contact with. Armed with insights from some one working and living in India we focused heavily on digital and aimed to connect with fans from the large NH7 audiences who had seen their performance to engage with the band on digital social media.

Whilst on the visit, we as management joined the UK Trade & Investment Trade Mission delegation and attended two conferences both in Mumbai 'Mix Radio Connects' and ‘The Exchange’ run by the UKTI which allowed us to make connections with Indian delegates and pitch music.


Overall the tour was a success, with the band doubling their fan base and picking up several key press articles. We were also able to meet with an Indian label called OK Listen who released a track exclusively in India and was premiered by Rolling Stone Magazine India - http://bit.ly/1GsCVs6 "


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